Dress Code


Preschool – Children should wear simple, sturdy clothing, free of complicated fastenings to promote self-help/dressing skills. They are to wear rubber-soled, closed toe and closed heel sneakers/tennis shoes. All other footwear is not allowed. If a child wears shoes that are inappropriate, then the child will not be allowed to participate in outside play. The parent should pack a change of clothes in their child’s backpack every day, including a jacket.

Elementary – The following uniform options are available:


Polo short/long sleeve (white, gray or forest green)

Two tab scooter (black or forest green)

Pleated skirt (black or forest green)

Pleated Hem Jumper (black)

Cross tie (forest green)

Blouse (white)

Pants or shorts (black or forest green)

Crew neck cardigan sweater (solid white, black, gray or forest green)

Cuff socks (solid white, gray or black)

Tights (solid white, black or gray)


Polo short/long sleeve (white, gray or forest green)

Pants (black or forest green)

Oxford short/long sleeve (white)

Tie (forest green)

Shorts (black or forest green)

Sweater (black, forest green or gray)

Socks (solid white, black or gray)

P.E. Uniform black athletic shorts or pants and gray or green CLA logo t-shirt. Shorts and pants must be knee-length, loose and not form-fitting.

Other considerations:

  • Students are to wear tennis shoes or black dress shoes. Any other footwear is NOT allowed. Boots are not allowed.
  • Winter outerwear does not need to match school colors.
  • One white polo shirt with the school logo is required for use on special occasions.
  • For the exact shade of green, please look at the uniform selection on the French Toast website.
  • Girls must wear bike shorts under their jumpers, except when tights are worn. Skirts and dresses should be knee-length.

Uniforms can be purchased from preferred retailers or online at:


The school code is: QS5ALLZ

Hair – Hair should be clean and neatly styled. Color dyed hair (any color), highlights or striping hair in an unnatural color (blue, green, etc.) is not permitted. Extreme hair styles (mohawk, reverse mohawk, spikes, etc) or designs shaved on head are not permitted. Young men’s hair must be cut so that the hair is above the eyebrows, off the top of the shirt collar and may extend no longer than the middle of the ear. Administration has the final determination on hair length.

Earrings/Piercings/Tattoos – Body piercing are not to be worn on campus. The only exception applies to girls who may wear earrings only in their ear lobes. Tattoos are prohibited.

Makeup: – No makeup is allowed.